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AYRUS Unique Business Model

AYRUS business model is unique and it is adapted by many of the AYRUS national distributors across the globe. AYRUS will appoint exclusive National Distributor in each country. National distributor will stock the material and take care of partner networks of the assigned country.

Through dedicated/designated account managers, AYRUS distributors can access the most up-to-date programs, solutions and resources. These help solution advisors create experiences for their customers that push the greatness of human collaboration forward. AYRUS will assign a dedicated Account Manager to the Distributor. They provide data of

500 potential customers and partners. The Account Manager from AYRUS train distributor team and they will do the calling and will generate the funnel for distributors, Account Manager will get more number of productive channel partners aligned under Distributor to grow the business in the regions assigned. AYRUS team will design emailers for mass mailing with the Distributors info on it. AYRUS will qualify all the leads that it gets from different sources and will pass it on to the National Distributor for their action. AYRUS will support the National Distributor for all the demos to be given to the end customer or channel/project partner For Major Projects. AYRUS will give a proper product training to the Sales and Technical team of the National Distributor before they hit the prospects and partners for business.

AYRUS will provide all the marketing collaterals to the Distributor in soft copies. An effective Case locking system where in if a case is locked by any registered partner, no second partner is allowed to quote for the same case ensuring margin protection to our Distributors.

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